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At Amirage Day Spa, we're committed to a stress-free experience, every time. This includes friendly staff, professional technicians and a calm, inviting environment. Here's what else you can expect from your first session.


Once you arrive at Amirage, our front desk will greet you and ask you to fill out an Esthetic Wellness Chart. The Wellness Chart is where you record any medical history pertaining to neck, head and face, and other physical or skin conditions we should be made aware of. Your technician will greet you and review the Wellness Chart with you. They will inquire about the reason(s) you are coming for a facial, your current skin condition and any specific areas in which you would like addressed during your facial.

(Arrive Early: Arriving 15 minutes early gives you time to complete your paperwork, relax and unwind before your session begins.)


Your technician will then take you to a peaceful, spa-like treatment room where a comfortable table dressed with a warming blanket (optional in summer) and clean sheets awaits. A small table for your personal belongings and a chair are also provided for your use. Your technician will leave the room and wait outside while you disrobe from the waist up. Once disrobed, you will lie on the table, under the top sheet, face up. Your technician will give you a few minutes for this process and will knock on the door to ask if you are ready before entering your room.

(Sound Advice: Some people like to talk during a facial. Some prefer to relax without conversation. Do what feels best. We'll follow your lead.)


Before beginning the session, your technician will perform a skin analysis on your face to determine which facial is the most appropriate. Once the technician has finished the analysis, they will give you a brief overview of your skin condition and description of the facial they recommend. Each of Amirage Spa's Bioelements facials includes cleansing, toning, mask, treatment and massage. Amirage exclusively uses professional Bioelements skincare products in all our facials. We use Bioelements skincare products because they can be custom blended to suit your individual needs. As skin care professionals we know that every skin is different - down to its very cells - with treatment and product needs that vary from person to person. Bioelements uses a combination of natural and scientific ingredients to better address each face with precise, intelligent, individualized treatments.

(Communicate: If at any time your are uncomfortable during the facial or are having a reaction to one of the products being used, please communicate to your technician.)


Once your facial session is completed, they will then leave the room so you may re-dress. Your technician will wait outside the room for you, and then take you back to the front area and share recommended home care product information with you.

Our facial sessions are different times depending on the facial you and your technician choose to be best for your skin. Each facial includes 10 minute pre-interview and 5 minutes at the end for you to re-dress.

If you have additional questions, one of our friendly front desk associates will be happy to answer them for you.

(30-Day Cycle: Skin cells regenerate about every 30 days. Monthly facials keep you in control for more youthful-looking skin. All 60 & 90 minute facials are available in a series of 3 at a special price of 10% off.)

Guest Member
EXPRESS FACIAL - 30 minutes $45 $45

A quick pick me up and great introduction to facial services, as well as, home regimens.

FACIAL PEEL - 45 minutes $65 $55

Deep exfoliation to reduce fine lines and encourage improved collagen production..

SIGNATURE FACIAL - 60 minutes $65 $55

Moderate exfoliation, warm steam and a European Facial Massage makes this one a favorite.

BACK FACIAL - 60 minutes $80 $70

Performed similar to a facial for your face. Reduce breakouts, correct moisture balance, and enjoy a smoother texture.

SPECIALTY FACIALS - 90 minutes $80 $70

Our specialty facials address more specific concerns such as skin firming, brightening, acne, and more. Ask for details.

Balancing Facial – Deep pore / deep tissue cleansing. Provide optimum balance for your skin.

Aroma Therapy Facial – Become relaxed or energized, you decide, while cleansing pores and balancing your skin.

Biomint Clarity Facial – Detoxifies and stimulates the skin. Revitalizes color, tones and smoothes. (Some say it even helps you think better!)

Paraffin Facial – The ultimate moisturizer. Paraffin is layered over hydrating serums and emollient creams for deeper penetration.

Oxygenation Facial – Let your skin breathe! Great for people having to endure workplace pollution and smokers.

Alpha Blend Facial – Our maximum exfolliant. This facial will exfoliate your skin safely and evenly, leaving your skin smoother and more refined.

Vitamineral Power Facial – This facial is packed with vitaminerals that will infuse your skin to firm, strengthen, smooth, and clarify. The perfect diet for healthier skin!

5-Phase Herbology Mask – Add this high performance mask to your facial. It’s the best of both worlds; moisture and deep pour cleansing. The 5 layers work together to draw out impurities while leaving your skin soft and supple.

Arctic Algae – This facial treatment will relax you while revitalizing your skin. The secret is in the seaweed; it’s refreshing, detoxifying, hydrating, and softening, simultaneously. Arctic Algae will also drain excess fluids, reducing puffiness.

ALA CARTE' with facial Guest
As skin care professionals we know that every skin is different - down to its very cells with treatment and product needs that vary from person to person. We custom blend all of our skin treatments to your individual needs.

Ask an Amirage team member for more information and start feeling better!

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